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Domestic Compression Molding Services

Mina Product Development provides compression mold design and fabrication services. ​Low volume tooling for analysis and pre-production evaluation. Send an RFQ today and receive a response within 24 hours.

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Part Complexity and Compression Molding

At Mina Product Development we have the ability to fabricate compression parts and prototypes with unique complexities that cannot be fabricated through injection molding.

A Variety of Applications

Compression molding allows for the fabrication of intricate gaskets, seals, and parts that are resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Low Volume Application

Our services including the fabrication and design of both build steel and aluminum compression molds for rapid prototyping purposes. We regularly accept orders for less than 100 units.

In business over 30 years, Mina Product Development is an ISO 13485 and 9001 certified facility.

We are certified in the manufacturing of machined, plastic and composite products, as well as mold making for medical device applications.

Military Applications

Compression molding is an effective solution for intricate features, holes, insert molding, and custom part design. We can fabricate military grade seals, gaskets, or o-rings with a variety of materials at our disposal.

Thermoset resins = stronger parts

Compression molding employs resins that possess high-strength fiber composition, which means your parts are stronger and more resistant.

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Compression molding replacing metal components

With the ability to mold unique geometries, we are able to manufacture parts designed for metal and more easily adapt them to compression molded parts without having to change much geometrically. This simply isn’t possible with traditionally laminated composite methods without requiring extensive post fabrication machining.

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Mina Product Development offers a variety of services alongside compression molding

As a seasoned manufacturer, Mina Product Development fosters enhanced product viability and superb quality while considering time constraints and cost­ effectiveness. We actively support the effort to keep U.S. manufacturing as a feasible option.

Additional Services

Urethane Casting

Mina Product Development has a dedicated silicone and urethane molding center in-house, which enables us to produce parts that accurately represent the texture, color, and physical properties of an injection molded product. Low to medium volume application.

CNC Mill & Turn Operations

We have the capability to machine aluminum, steel, brass, and plastic materials. We regularly hold tolerances of +/- 0.005 in. (0.13mm), but can meet tighter tolerances if the project requires. Our production documentation & services include FAIs, material certs, optical inspections, and part assembly.

Injection Molding

We can provide bridge tooling, mold design/fabrication, and injection molding services in-house. There are no minimum orders.

Assembly / Ancillary Services

We also provide ancillary services such as assembly, paint, ultrasonic welding, CAD engineering, and DFM assistance.

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Mina Product Development has provided comprehensive product development services to the greater Southern California area since 1987. We offer personalized service and support for projects through all phases of product development from conceptual design and engineering, functional prototyping and testing, to final volume manufacturing and assembly.

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